More often than not, we discover who we are and what we love through revelations found in the small, the simple and the mundane. IN tiny choices.  The unconsidered. The overlooked. The discarded. The reclaimed. In moments I call everyday epiphanies.


The Illustrated Discovery Journal puts you on the path of pure intuition and feeling. Here you'll collect random pictures that appeal to you--images culled from periodicals or cut out of catalogs, photographs, or postcards. And here, with Sarah's encouragement, you'll reverently and reflectively assemble them into collages that reveal just about anything you might ever want to know about yourself. Your passions. Your preferences. What tickles you. What ticks you off. What makes you happy. From discovering why a certain shade of blue makes you smile, to suddenly comprehending the source of a problem in a friendship, to recognizing your deep spiritual beliefs, the nine sections of The Illustrated Discovery Journal will lead you to the hidden side of your authentic self as no other book can.