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Dear Friends,

While many of you may be familiar with Simple Abundance, did you know that in the beginning, Simple Abundance was a workshop?  For several years before my book was published, I taught Simple Abundance workshops to women very much like myself and you. Women hurdling through life with maxed out schedules and responsibilities. Women who love everyone else on the planet too much and themselves too little. 

What I learned from these women, whether single or married, from eighteen to eighty, was pretty universal. Whether we desire to step back from hectic lives or empty nests, we all want more contentment and serenity in our daily round.

So for this upcoming New Year—2018—I thought it would be wonderful if I created a special workshop--Simple Abundance Online. In this exclusive Masterclass taught by me, we’ll take on the prospect of living Simple Abundance not just reading about it.

At its heart Simple Abundance is the soulcraft of self-nourishment, every woman’s most pressing need. I hope you’ll join me for three webinars as the New Year begins we will explore the magical, mystical adventure of creating a lifestyle based on the six spiritual saving graces of Simple Abundance—Gratitude, Simplicity, Order, Harmony, Beauty and Joy . For a few hours you will be reminded to seek and find what truly matters most. Consider these webinars a personal tutorial. Just between you and me.  Or perhaps you could invite a few of your closest pals.  But please, let’s think “Girls Night In” as we sift and sort through all the excess that buries our daily joy.

The Simple Abundance path offers gentle lessons on keeping promises to yourself and the understanding that the promises you make to others predict your future more than any fortune teller ever could.

We’ll explore and express gratitude for life’s many over looked blessings. Not just what we have, but for what we don’t need anymore. We will discover:

  • ·     New ways to let Gratitude shape our lives and lifestyle choices.
  • ·     How to distinguish between our needs and our wants to find serenity.
  • ·     Why self-nurturance is self-preservation not self-indulgence, and;
  • ·     How to embrace your true identity as an Artist of the Everyday and find the sacred in the ordinary.

We’ll discover the power of choice as a dynamic, creative and spiritual gift, finding your own sense of style, having the courage to pursue a dream and recapturing the joy of play.

If this is finally the year you’ve decided to discover what’s working in your life, health, work, sacred calling and relationships and what’s not, I hope you’ll join our three class webinar beginning January 4, 2018. The recordings for the online workshop are available to download or watch online for six months after the class is over. 

Sending you dearest love, blessings on your courage and wishing you deep joy,


Simple Abundance Online Workshop Details:

You may telephone into the conference call or watch online from your computer, tablet or phone.

All live classes will be held at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST. Replays at your convenience. A special Q&A session for international participants is included. All participants will be provided with a list of international phone numbers to join the workshop.

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There are no refunds after December 18, 2017 as class materials and a private online Facebook Group will be provided to you electronically on 12/19/17.

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