Dear Friends,

Fairy tales. Cinderella stories. Film noir. Happy Endings. Bodice rippers. Best-Sellers. The Other Woman. Television. Superstars. Music. Popular Culture. Advertisements. Celebrity tabloids. Paparazzi. True Stories. Domestic Goddesses.

Everyday, in countless ways, women are bombarded with mythological influences that decide how we should look, dress, decorate, buy, behave and perform.

Whose Myth are you living? Do you even know?

How about living your own?

Each of us has a Personal Myth. In this specially created online workshop designed and led by Sarah Ban Breathnach you’ll discover how myth has been shaping every facet of your life even before you were born. Your Personal Myth is your internal compass, a sacred birth gift meant to help you find your way through life’s labyrinth. The way you’ve weathered crises, taken risks, made choices, or recovered from loss has been determined by your belief system. Think of your Personal Myth as your soul’s prime directive for the spiritual lessons you need to master at different stages of your life.

Each of us was born with a personal myth—the original Divine self-help psychology-- tucked into our heart and psyche— to lead, guide, encourage and inspire us to achieve God’s dream for our lives.

In this special three part online class, Sarah Ban Breathnach will help you uncover and celebrate your personal myth.

In Sarah's Personal Myth Class

You'll learn...

  • The difference between personal history and personal myth…

  • How one picture really does tell your story…

  • How fairy tales come true everyday, especially the Grimm ones we tell ourselves without knowing!

  • How your Divinely endowed, Personal Myth, acts as another Guardian Angel, always ready to disclose the next step in your life…

  • How to stop self-sabotaging yourself by working with your Personal Myth instead of ignoring or fighting it …

  • How to create your Wonder Book, a soulful scrapbook and spiritual space that celebrates your unfolding tale until you live Happily Ever After…

  • Through exercises, creative excursions, reflections, creating altered image collages, and meditations, Sarah Ban Breathnach will help you excavate your personal myth. What’s more she’ll personally interpret what your myth says about where you’ve been and where you’re going….helping you to realize the changes that you hunger for and the choices you might be delaying—unless you knew you couldn’t fail! 

The Details:

Three Live one hour classes with the master herself, Sarah Ban Breathnach. Each lesson will be recorded and available to participants on demand.

Class Tuition and Options


Personal Interpretation of Your Myth by Sarah Ban Breathnach


In a small private group, Sarah will discuss your myth one-on-one. (Pictures must be submitted in advance.) Choose from your myth of origin to help you understand past choices or from your Myth of Discovery to learn what your heart yearns for in the coming years. These sessions are in addition to the online classes listed above and you will receive a schedule of sessions to choose from for your personal discussion after registering for the class.

This option is limited and on a first come, first served basis.

To enroll please click on the button below. 

Online Class Only  


This option includes three live webinars with Sarah and access to the recordings of the class and the workbook. You may submit your myths by posting your picture in our private Facebook group, but only themes that pertain to the group as a whole will be discussed.

To enroll please click on the button below. 

Tuition for both options includes: Three Live Online Webinars with Sarah Ban Breathnach, available on demand to class registrants, a workbook pdf and instructions for discovering the myths that speak to you.


PLEASE NOTE: This class is for your personal enjoyment only and no permission is granted to lead others using Sarah's materials. By signing up for this class you agree to be recorded and your information and images to be shared with the class and online in a private Facebook group.  If you do not want to share your information with the group, we can only accommodate those who sign up for the Personal Interpretation Option. Thank you for your understanding.