Antiquing is a passion of mine, a therapeutic, meditative, creative and spiritual practice. Somehow sifting through the domestic shards of those who no longer can bear witness to life's glorious mystery helps me ransom, reclaim and redeem what is truly precious in my own life.


Dear Reader,

Forgive us for being so bold, but are you pleased with your family life?  If your answer is "no" or even "I'm not sure", then may Mrs. Sharp be of assistance?

Within the cozy confines of this charming volume, you will meet Mrs. Victorianna Sharp, a noted 19th century "literary domestic", and the delightful creation of Sarah Ban Breathnach's imagination.

Originally published in 1990, Sarah's first book, Mrs. Sharp's Traditions, reveals how the seeds for her ground-breaking bestseller Simple Abundance were sown a century before during the Victorian era. In this lavishly illustrated, redesigned and sensitively revised edition, which includes a new introduction by Sarah, she shares how her passion for women's domestic advice columns was ignited by the discovery of an old trunk containing pristine women's and children's magazine from the Victorian era.

Indeed, in this "Simple Abundance for families" Sarah introduces her legions of new readers to the old-fashioned pleasures of home centered customs, daily rituals and the rhythm of the seasons.  Full of heart and insight, Sarah Ban Breathach's Mrs. Sharp's Traditions celebrates century old secrets for bringing a family closer together that still work their magic today.