A Peace and Plenty Webinar of Comfort and Well-Being
with Sarah Ban Breathnach


Dear Friends, 

I’ve always wanted to write a book about women and money.  In many respects people thought Simple Abundance was about money, but it wasn’t.  However, Peace and Plenty:  Finding Your Path to Financial Serenity is about women and money.  Our relationship to money is the most complicated one we have and the one that controls all our lives because we don’t know how to control it. And not too surprising, it’s also the most passionate affair we have and often, clandestine.

Money—how we love it. Fear it. Earn it. Spend it. Save it. Stash it. Lose it. Lend it. Lust for it.  Hide it. Pray for it.  Marry it. Divorce it. Sleep with it. Tell and eat whoppers for it.  Cry rivers and drown out our sorrows over it. Throw it away or send it packing with an eBay click.  Worry about it.  Envy it.  Work like a slave for it, then squander it.  Go on fateful dates with con men we met online and undertake vows before God that we’ll never be hungry again.  Most of all, how women convince ourselves that money will change or fix everything in our lives that’s ever been broken or has gone south once upon a time.

That’s because most women don’t feel comfortable talking about money.  Even among our closest friends, we may pretend that we’re all the same, but until push comes to shove, we keep our money and our money mistakes secret. It’s time to change the conversation about money, internally and externally. How would life look if you felt confident about your financial decisions? How would you feel? It’s time to eliminate the shame women carry about their money secrets and learn that they are not alone in this challenge.

The truth is, most of us were never taught about money and we were expected to understand the ins and outs of a complex issue.


In my life and career, every money mistake a woman could make, I did.  Which is why I feel so passionately that women need to talk about money and talk about it now.  We need to create safe spaces, to have this conversation without shame.  No woman wants to be told “shame on you.”  I know first-hand that the self-shunning and remorse a woman inflicts upon herself when she overdraws the checking account, clicks the buy button on eBay or hides purchases in the trunk of the car. It’s  punishment enough.  We need to remove the stigma of shame from the topic of money and really learn how to talk to each other.  I pray to help you do that.

That’s why I’ve created a special online webinar which will be a safe sanctuary for us to explore and come to grips with our relationship with money.  In this three part webinar we will discover:


The Measure of Our Days: Cultivating Well-Being

Women have always been the pioneers in keeping the home happy, regardless of the balance in a bank account. How we cultivate our financial mindset really determines our Margin of Happiness. In this class we get a new set of tools for a joyful life: Thrill of Thrift and Well Spent Moments.  


Money - An Education In Ourselves

Your Money Story was created from many sources, including your family’s relationship to money. In this webinar, you will discover your Money Personality, a driving factor in your money choices. From Auntie Mame to Scarlett O’Hara, your ideas about money can become old patterns that no longer serve you. As you identify your Family Financial Tree, you create the power to change the story. 


Creating a Life of Contentment: You Might As Well LivE

In this final webinar, we discuss how to put old patterns into the past, so you can find your Margin of Happiness. We’ll share old school secrets that lead to new world adventures and confidence in our financial choices. 


The Measure of Our Days: Cultivating Well-Being
Thursday February 22, 2018 - 5PM PST / 8PM EST
Money- An Education In Ourselves
Thursday March 8, 2018 - 5PM PST / 8PM EST

International Q&A
Saturday March 10, 2018 - 9AM PST / 12PM EST (All Participants Welcome)

You Might As Well Live: Cultivating Well-Being
Thursday March 22, 2018 - 5PM PST / 8PM EST


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$249 Webinar and Private Call with Sarah Ban Breathnach